Outside Project_High temperature in the streets of Belgrade

Morfosi fashion show – Turkish Bath
aprile 29, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Morphosis / Recycle & Wear è il titolo dello workshop tenuto
nel Maggio 2007 da Angela Nocentini all'interno di Outside Project. Vi
hanno preso parte studenti dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze e
della Facoltà di Arti Appllicate di Belgrado. Rifiuti e scarti
industriali sono stati trasformati e/o riutilizzati per creare una
serie di abiti e sculture indossabili. Il video documenta la sfilata
dentro la piscina dell'ex Bagno Turco di Belgrado.

settembre 20, 2007, 3:46 pm
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My work is a site specific project. The name “00:00:00:00” is caused by the space where it was sit in: the octagonal swimming-pool with a spherical ceiling perforated by 16 small windows which are also octagonal (ex Turkish Bath ). While working I imagined my wooden sphere situated in this space as the new burning planet that moves in the sky full of stars. That made me think about galaxy. My work is a metaphoric concept of the “initiation” and it contains the potential energy that will give birth to the variety of destiny itineraries.
As the work is the result of my experience in Belgrade with “Outside Project 2007 On Invisibility” the work’s concept was suggested by the city of Belgrade. Belgrade is a city with the particular history. It is placed on the cross-road of different cultural realities. My work tries to represent the urban situation in Belgrade, the mixture of its cultures, the potential energy of this city that will have its development in the future.
At the end I would like to add some words about “Outside project” and our trip to Belgrade that was great! It was really wonderful to work all together on the same aim, to create collective things. It was new for me to contact with the Serbian artists. I want to say THANKS to all people with whom I got in touch due to this interesting project. I have found out a new city, I have made a lot of new friends and we have spent just a cool time together!


settembre 20, 2007, 3:26 pm
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Ambientazione e illuminazione di una stanza originariamente senza lampade, pensandola in relazione alla sua collocazione: il bagno turco.
Materiali semplici e di scarto (filo di ferro-lampade-bottiglia-scatole cubiche-filo da pesca).
All’interno di una scatola cubica c’e una luce che sul muro proietta ombre di grovigli di filo di ferro sospesi e il riflesso di una bottiglia verde. Toccandoli si muovono. Si crea un ambiente che dà la sensazione di un flusso d’acqua in movimento dove acqua reale non c’è.
Dietro questa c’è un’altra scatola cubica contenente un neon e filo di ferro foderati da uno schermo di nylon dove la luce resta all’interno.

Silvia Basso

giugno 3, 2007, 8:26 pm
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The Idea I want to express through this work is about invisiblity of human attitude, that is the existence of
both male and female ways of expressing oneself.
According to the platonic mith about the creation of man (cfr. Symposium), each human being has a male
and female component in its inner “I”.
The video shows the transformation of a male face in a female one, through a make up, focus on the eye
as symbol of interior visibility and of the act of looking.
This would like to show the coexistence of this two inner “I”, which become visible to outside.
The interaction of two body expression thecnique, contemporary dance and mimic method, expresses
metaphorically the interior aspect of human essence and underlines the differences but also the harmonic
dialogue that happens inside of us between male and female.

PierFabrizio Paradiso

Thinking about
This collaboration with Fabrizio is for me a chance to have a dialogue among different ways of feeling
reality, fragments of everyday life that could meet and express themselves in a creative unicuum, with more
consciousness and more strenght.
That is the wanting of recovering a condition, in which the relation with outside , with our inner “I”
and the following creative expression, will become a natural and harmonic melting pot.
This research belongs to my theathre studies, based on “Metodo Mimico”, created by Orazio Costa
This method efforces to waking up and stimulating expressive potentials from the body and so from the
voice, because of a inseparable part of it.
That recalls the attitude of children, i.e. antrhopos, who tries to evocate its environment: it looks a small
bird who flies, suddenly it spride his arms up and runs.
Body is intended as a cross place between our interior and invisible feeling and our creating visible act.

Michela Mancinelli

Wednesday 30 May 2007 h 20 – Turkish Bath – Beograd

twenty posters for Belgrado
giugno 3, 2007, 6:47 pm
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l’idea è stata quella di ricercare più tipologie di fermento, più punti di vista nella città che tante volte mostra energie nascoste, spesso frustrate… la realizzazione di 20 manifesti per descrivere luoghi, gente, progetti, orizzonti. In ognuno di questi elementi è celato un potenziale d’energie che presto fermenterà o forse, questo processo ideologico, utopico e soprattutto creativo è già in atto

maggio 27, 2007, 1:15 pm
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The building of BIGZ (Belgrade printing bureau) in Vojvoda Mišić Boulevard has changed into a space for artists. We visited Damian, a musician and sound designer and ask him about the change of identity of belgrade in the recent years. We visited his studio and he invited us to have a look on the roof of this gigantic building. Thanks a lot, Damjan!

Tra le pale
maggio 23, 2007, 6:16 pm
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